Used Performance Cars Houston TX

Used Performance Cars Houston TX

If you are looking for a car that will break your back but not your bank, you are in luck! At Bemer Motor Cars, we have a large inventory of used performance cars that represent automotive performance in America over the last 30 years. Ranging from the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sport to the BMW M6 and beyond, there is no better place than Bemer Motor Cars to purchase a used performance car in Houston TX. 

Performance cars need a little more love and car, but what you get out of it more than outweighs the regular maintenance that is required to keep them happy. Whether you are looking for a sporty Volkswagen with few miles on it or a 1990s BMW M3 convertible, we can help you find exactly what you need without the stress of a high price tag or any kinds of red flags because we take pride in every car we sell.

BMW Performance  Cars Houston TX

BMW M-Power

For many years, BMW has been at the height of automotive performance with its M-Power lineup. From the M1 all the way up to the M6, you can find it here at Bemer Motor Cars.


Mercedes-Benz Performance Cars Houston TX

Mercedes-Benz Sport

Thanks to its affiliation with Mercedes-AMG, all Mercedes-Benz cars have something that competition does not, and that is power! Horsepower and torque numbers in Mercedes-Benz vehicles are years ahead of their time.


Land Rover Performance Cars Houston TX

Off-Road Performance 

Whether on or off the road, Land Rover SUVs make performance look easy. With muscular engines and aggressive performance packages, you can't go wrong with a Land Rover.

Used Mercedes-Benz C300 Sport Houston TX
BMW 6-Series M6 Performance Car Houston TX
Used 2013 BMW M3 Houston TX
Land Rover Range Rover Sport Houston TX

Affordable Sports Cars

Have you ever bought a used performance car from a personal advertisement in the paper or on the internet that left you with handfuls of problems? We have seen it a million times. When it comes to performance cars, it is easier to trust a respected car dealership with a full team of service technicians because you know your car will work the way it is supposed to even after you get it home.  If you have any questions about our inventory of used performance vehicles in Houston TX, contact us today at Bemer Motor Cars!

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