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5 Collision Repair Myths

The majority of car owners will probably have to deal with collision repairs at some point during their lives. But despite how common collision damage is, many rumors and myths persist on the topic—and some of those myths can be costly for you. This article will debunk five common myths about Land Rover collision repair in Houston. Read on to learn the truth behind the myths and potentially spare yourself from costly mistakes.

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BMW Repair Shops Houston TX

Common Signs of Suspension Problems

Your vehicle’s suspension is responsible for absorbing any roughness or impacts on the road and providing you with a smooth, comfortable ride. But if your car’s suspension is damaged or starts acting up, you could have some serious repair costs on your hands. How do you know if something’s gone awry with your suspension? Here are some of the most common signs of suspension trouble, so you know when to take your BMW to a body shop in Houston.

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Audi Mechanic Houston TX

How to Identify Hidden Auto Body Damage

When you’re in a minor collision, you might look over your vehicle and think, “I can live with those dents and scratches. I’m not going to take my car in.” But even fender benders can often cause hidden auto body damage that isn’t immediately apparent but can impact your car’s performance and decrease its lifespan. How do you know if you’ve sustained any hidden damage? Here are a few tips to help you identify it on your car so you know if you need Audi service in Houston.

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