Audi Maintenance and Repair Houston

Identifying Strange Noises in Your Audi

You’re familiar with your Audi. You know the noises it usually makes, the way the engine is supposed to hum when you’re out on the road. And you also notice when something starts to sound “off” about your car. A strange noise from your Audi is often a sign that something is wrong—but what exactly does that weird noise mean? You’ll need to take your car to an Audi repair shop in Houston to get an official diagnosis, but these tips can help you pinpoint and describe the noise so that you can get it repaired faster. Read the rest of this entry >>

Auto Body Paint Touch-up Houston

Why You Should Fix Minor Bumper Damage

When your car is damaged in any collision, most drivers are quick to repair anything that compromises their vehicle’s safety or structural integrity. You know you can’t take a car with serious damage out on the road, but what about a car with minor bumper damage? While this certainly doesn’t compromise the drivability of your vehicle, it’s still not something that should be ignored for long. Keep reading to find out why you shouldn’t put off repairing your bumper at the best body shops in Houston. Read the rest of this entry >>

Mercedes Benz Repair in Houston

Tips on Making Your Mercedes-Benz Last Over 100,000 Miles

As a top-notch luxury car, a Mercedes-Benz is a big investment. But that big investment can be more than worth it, especially if that Mercedes continues running for you year after year, mile after mile. Of course, getting a car to run smoothly for that long takes some effort and a lot of care. If you want your Mercedes-Benz to last you for 100,000 miles—or more—keep reading to get a few maintenance tips from the best Mercedes-Benz repair shop in Houston. Read the rest of this entry >>

BMW Maintenance and Repair Houston

Reasons Your BMW Steering Wheel Is Vibrating

BMWs are well-built luxury vehicles with top-of-the-line German engineering—but that doesn’t make them immune to common vehicle issues. One common problem that many BMW owners experience (but which can happen to any car) is steering wheel vibrations. What are the most likely causes of a vibrating steering wheel? Keep reading to find out, then bring your vehicle into our BMW body shop in Houston, TX, today to get the problem repaired quickly. Read the rest of this entry >>