About Us

Bemer Motor Cars has been Houston's most trusted car dealership since 1985. We attribute this to our top-notch customer service. Our professional sales staff undergoes constant training to ensure they are knowledgeable about our vehicles. Complete customer satisfaction is our primary focus. We believe repairing your car to prestine working order for a fair price is a testament to our success.


Let's work together. Trust is the foundation of our relationship with our individual clients and business partners. Bemer Motor Cars is synonymous with reliability, fairness and experience. Get to know us better!

Our Team

Julian Martinez

General Manager

Phone: (713) 266-2690

Email: jmartinez@bemer.com

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Carmen Martinez

Office Manager

Phone: (713) 900-2436

Email: service@bemer.com

Jose Marinez

Body Shop Manager

Phone: (713) 900-2439

Email: service@bemer.com